Innovative Arts Programs
Organized to foster and promote the growth, progress and general welfare of the North Carolina Arts Council and its programs, the North Carolina Arts Council Foundation supports innovative statewide endeavors that build vibrant communities for future generations, attracting people who want to live in, work in and visit the state. 

Public-Private Partnership
The Foundation is a nonprofit charitable corporation incorporated to support the North Carolina Arts Council, a state agency located in Raleigh, North Carolina, and to receive and administer gifts for such purpose in a public-private partnership sustaining support for the arts throughout the state.

The Creative State
The North Carolina Arts Council works to make North Carolina “The Creative State” where a robust arts industry produces a creative economy, vibrant communities, children prepared for the 21st century and lives filled with discovery and learning. The Arts Council accomplishes this in partnership with artists and arts organizations, other organizations that use the arts to make their communities strong, and North Carolinians – young and old – who enjoy and participate in the arts.

Invest in a Legacy

The North Carolina Arts Council has imagined and executed an innovative vision for arts development that touches every corner of the state and the arts are today regarded as one of North Carolina’s most durable and productive assets. The Foundation works to build investment in this legacy and develop expanded resources to allow the Arts Council to plan, create, and support innovative programs and initiatives that will continue to bring tangible and measurable public value.

Build the Foundation
Your charitable contribution will sustain and empower the Arts Council to meet the needs of the arts in North Carolina.

Connect to the Arts